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Please include a personal statement. Your statement should be 250-500 typed words and indicate creative interests, influences and goals. You may wish to comment on any special interests or abilities that relate to studying in Digital Arts and New Media.
Examples of Traditional and Digital Work
You should submit 10 to 15 examples of your most recent work that best represents your diversity of interests and skills. Submit your work in jpeg format. Make selections that best represent your diversity of interests and skills. These may include two- and three-dimensional, traditional, non-traditional and new genres materials and techniques. All forms of work are acceptable. We recommend that at least 50% of your portfolio work should be original, self-directed projects -- work you have done outside of structured classes.
Maximum 15 files.
512 MB limit.
Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
If your work is in a pdf, upload it here.
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Links to Videos and/or animations that you have created

Please provide links to YouTube or Vimeo.